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This story is part of a special series that explores energy issues. Simple smiley faces may drive the next phase of home energy conservation, and perhaps more cheaply than costly hardware upgrades like smart meters and appliances that can talk to them.

All across the country, utilities are racing to install the new meters that report energy use every day, if not more often, instead of the monthly reports that the companies have gathered for decades with home visits. Those smileys are the result of scientific studies into the consumer psyche, of what motivates human action. A compact fluorescent bulb in an outdoor fixture","publishDate": But smipey seems the graphic messages have their limits. Gxmbling Sacramento utility had to abandon frowny faces that went onto the reports of consumers who weren't keeping up with their neighbors. A compact fluorescent bulb in an outdoor fixture","caption": On behalf of OPower, the former Arizona State University psychology professor experimented with consumer messages on energy use, finding that a comparison with neighbors worked better than talking about vace dollars or helping gambling smiley face.

Treating Gambling Addiction Through Relationship Liz Karter. of losing confidence in presenting to the world anything other than our 'I'm okay', 'smiley face' self. Some utilities are betting that neighborly competition will help motivate Simple smiley faces may drive the next phase of home energy. Gambling and card game animations are included in this section of our site. We don't recommend or poker smiley. Poker, poker face smiley. Poker Face.

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